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Smart Contract Audit services

we offer professional smart contract audit services that prioritize the security and reliability of your blockchain-based projects. Our team of skilled auditors and security experts leverages industry-leading practices and advanced tools to conduct meticulous assessments of your smart contracts.


Standard Audit

Our development process incorporates a standard audit phase that serves as the foundation for secure smart contract implementation. We employ advanced auditing tools and meticulous code reviews to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with industry standards. By addressing these concerns early on, we cultivate a robust foundation for your contracts.


Threat Modelling

Curiosity sparks innovation, and we believe in exploring every angle to safeguard your smart contracts. Our team conducts rigorous threat modelling exercises, leveraging tools such as OWASP Threat Dragon and STRIDE, to anticipate and address potential risks. By adopting a proactive approach, we fortify your contracts against various attack vectors, ensuring their resilience in the face of emerging threats.


Automated Security Analysis

With automation as our guiding force, we employ cutting-edge tools like MythX, Securify, and Oyente to conduct comprehensive automated security analyses. By utilizing these advanced tools, we uncover potential security loopholes, detect coding errors, and identify vulnerabilities that may have gone unnoticed. This enables us to deliver secure and reliable smart contracts that surpass industry standards.


Security Incident Planning

We believe in preparedness and fostering a sense of curiosity to explore potential security incidents. Our team works closely with you to develop comprehensive security incident response plans. By meticulously mapping out potential scenarios and establishing proactive measures, we empower you to swiftly and effectively respond to any unforeseen security breaches or incidents.


Complete Security Assessment

We go beyond conventional practices by conducting a holistic and comprehensive security assessment for your smart contracts. Our experts scrutinize all facets, including functionality, authentication mechanisms, access controls, and data handling processes. This approach enables us to deliver smart contracts that not only meet your functional requirements but also adhere to stringent security measures.

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Benefits of Smart Contract Audit Services

our professional smart contract audit services are designed to provide you with peace of mind and assurance. Our team of expert auditors meticulously examines your smart contracts, identifying potential vulnerabilities and ensuring that they adhere to best practices and industry standards.

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Risk Mitigation

Our experienced auditors scrutinize every aspect of your smart contracts to identify any potential flaws or loopholes that may expose you to risks. By addressing these issues proactively, we help you mitigate potential risks and avoid costly mistakes.

Enhanced Security

Our thorough audit process helps identify and mitigate security risks within your smart contracts, reducing the chances of unauthorized access, malicious activities, and potential financial losses.

Cost Savings

Identifying and rectifying issues early on in the development process can save you substantial costs down the line. Our audit services help minimize potential financial losses, prevent disputes, and maintain a positive reputation within the blockchain community.

Enhanced Reliability

By undergoing a comprehensive smart contract audit, you can be confident that your contracts are reliable and will execute as intended. Our audit process helps detect and eliminate coding errors, logic loopholes, or any issues that could lead to unexpected outcomes.

Compliance and Standardization

Our audits ensure that your smart contracts comply with industry standards and best practices, giving you the confidence to interact with other parties in a trusted manner. This helps build credibility and fosters trust in your business relationships.

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Offshore Smart Contract Audit Services

Our Blockchain Development Process

We understand that your time is valuable, so we will collaborate with you to quickly understand your requirements and deliver a solution that meets your expectations. We are also available to provide support after the project is complete.

Step 1


Analyze Scope

We analyze the starting point of your current situation. We locate needs, determine objectives and plan solutions. We create a final report guide as a project roadmap.


Step 2

Determine Blockchain

After analysing the scope of the project, we propose our own development strategy and recommend the best blockchain network for your business model.


Step 3

Smart Contracts

our experienced blockchain developers finalise the features and blockchain interactions and then start working on smart contracts.


Step 4


Technological development under continuous integration in an agile environment by engineers fully committed to the project and its ideas.


Step 5

Quality Assurance

Test & Quality process that guarantees that the project meets the planned objectives as an efficient and quality solution.


Step 6


The start of a long relationship. We are here, by your side, to find the best solution, to adapt to changes and optimize the developed project.

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By choosing our smart contract audit services, you can rest assured that your contracts are thoroughly reviewed and fortified against potential security risks. Protect your smart contracts and maintain the integrity of your blockchain-based projects by partnering with us for reliable and professional audit services.






Smart Contracts

Expertise and Experience

Our team consists of highly skilled auditors with extensive experience in smart contract security. We possess in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology, cryptographic protocols, and industry best practices. Our expertise allows us to identify even the most subtle vulnerabilities and provide robust solutions to ensure uncompromising security.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every smart contract project is unique. That's why we offer customized audit solutions tailored to your requirements. Our team collaborates closely with you to understand your specific goals, assess your risk appetite, and address any concerns you may have. We provide personalized recommendations to enhance the security of your smart contracts.

Comprehensive Approach

We follow a meticulous audit methodology that encompasses standard audits, threat modeling, automated security analysis, security incident planning, and complete security assessments. Our approach leaves no stone unturned, enabling us to detect potential risks, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses in your smart contracts.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the core of our services. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our smart contract audits. Our meticulous attention to detail, thoroughness in the evaluation process, and commitment to delivering accurate and actionable results set us apart. We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality, reliable, and comprehensive audit services.

Security and Compliance

Security is paramount in blockchain implementations. Our team prioritizes the implementation of robust security measures to safeguard your data, transactions, and digital assets. We also ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards, providing you with peace of mind throughout the process.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Our clients' satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. We prioritize clear communication, transparency, and collaboration throughout the audit process. We keep you informed, address your concerns promptly, and provide detailed reports and recommendations to help you make informed decisions regarding your smart contracts.

Proven Track Record

We have a track record of successfully auditing a wide range of smart contracts across various industries. Our satisfied clients attest to our ability to deliver high-quality results and provide actionable recommendations. You can trust us to deliver a thorough and reliable audit that meets your specific needs.

Timely and Efficient Service

We value your time and strive to deliver our audit services promptly and efficiently. Our streamlined processes, combined with our experienced team, ensure that we meet agreed-upon deadlines without compromising on the quality of our work. We aim to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your smart contracts are audited promptly and comprehensively.

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a fully immersive, Play-To-Earn game Ecosystem


Xara City is a Blockchain Ecosystem; consisting of NFTs, a Staking Platform, In-Game Token, Play-To-Earn Game, Metaverse and NFT Marketplace with an Exchange Tool. Here a Real Estate themed NFT's can be purchased, thereby rewarding the Xara City Real Estate Owner with XARA when their NFTs are staked and upgraded to virtual apartments which they can also later rent out to earn more XARA from potential tenants.


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Solve the unsolved queries

What is the cost of smart contract audit services?
The cost of smart contract audit services can vary depending on various factors, such as the complexity of the contract, the scope of the audit, and the reputation and expertise of the service provider. It is best to request a quote from different providers to get an accurate understanding of the cost involved.
Why is smart contract audit necessary for my business?
Smart contract audit is crucial for your business as it helps identify potential vulnerabilities, security risks, and coding errors within your contracts. By conducting an audit, you can ensure that your smart contracts are secure, reliable, and compliant with industry standards. It mitigates the risk of financial losses, disputes, and reputational damage, while instilling trust and confidence among your stakeholders.
How long does a smart contract audit take?
The duration of a smart contract audit can vary based on the complexity of the contract, the size of the codebase, and the thoroughness of the audit process. Typically, a comprehensive audit may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It is important to prioritize quality and accuracy over speed to ensure a thorough evaluation.
How do I choose the right smart contract audit service provider?
When selecting a smart contract audit service provider, consider the following factors:
  • Experience and expertise in blockchain technology and smart contract audits.
  • Reputation and track record of successfully conducted audits.
  • Knowledge of industry best practices and compliance standards.
  • Clear and transparent communication throughout the audit process.
  • Customization options to suit your specific business needs.
  • Positive reviews and testimonials from previous clients.
  • Cost-effectiveness in relation to the value provided.
Can an audit eliminate all risks associated with smart contracts?
While a smart contract audit significantly reduces the risks associated with smart contracts, it cannot eliminate all risks entirely. Audits provide a comprehensive evaluation of your contracts and help identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. However, it is important to note that the dynamic nature of blockchain technology and evolving security threats require ongoing monitoring and periodic audits to maintain the security of your contracts.
Can I conduct a smart contract audit internally?
While it is possible to conduct a smart contract audit internally, it is generally recommended to seek external expertise. External auditors bring specialized knowledge, experience, and objectivity to the audit process. They can offer a fresh perspective and identify potential blind spots that an internal team may overlook. Professional auditors also stay updated with the latest security threats and best practices, ensuring a thorough evaluation.
Is a smart contract audit a one-time process?
Ideally, a smart contract audit should be an ongoing process. Smart contracts and the surrounding technologies continuously evolve, and new vulnerabilities can emerge over time. Regular audits, especially after significant updates or changes, are recommended to ensure that your contracts remain secure and resilient.
Can a smart contract audit be conducted after deployment?
Yes, a smart contract audit can be conducted after deployment. While auditing contracts before deployment is recommended to address potential vulnerabilities early on, post-deployment audits can still provide valuable insights and help identify any issues or risks that may have been overlooked. It is never too late to prioritize security and perform a thorough audit.

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