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FewerClicks is a leading software consulting form having an experienced and highly qualified core team that has worked on more than 380 successful projects in various technologies in a wide variety of verticals in custom development.
We pay attention to all the new technological trends that appear and try to incorporate those that may be of interest to our projects. If you’re looking to hire offshore development company for a completely fresh approach to clever business solutions, then you’ve found the right application development company.


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Enterprise Blockchain Development

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From startups and SMBs to large enterprises and government institutions — our blockchain development firm shares deep and insightful expertise with businesses operating in different industry sectors.

Experienced Professionals

FewerClicks core team have experience and knowledge working with Fortune 500 companies in likes of Reliance Industries & Aditya Birla Group.

Personal Care

Every single project is not just a project but a partnership. Our founders focus on hand holding clients and provide a personal care to their problems, guiding them to a feasible solution.

Core Competency

We specialize in blockchain, Generative AI, RPA & business automation services with custom tailored solutions & support.

Flexible Working Hours

We are available even in unconventional hours in different time zones. We also provide a free project coordinator with dedicated resources.

Cutting-edge Strategies

Our cutting edge strategies enable us to deliver the breakthrough innovations and world class services within the provided deadlines and at reasonable costs.

Agile Methodology

Our well defined process works in parallel to agile model allowing near perfect customer experience.

Secured and Confidential

We understand the importance of the data security hence each and every member working on your project is abide by NDA. Your data remains in safe hands.

Quality Assurance

Our QA team constantly update their use cases so we can eliminate even the smallest of bugs. We try our best to deliver bug free solutions.

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Technologies we work with

We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in blockchain technology. By leveraging the most innovative tools, frameworks, and platforms, we develop solutions that are at the forefront of the industry, providing you with a competitive edge.


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Customised Blockchain Software Services

From raw idea to scalable product

We accompany and guide our clients throughout the project development process. We start from consulting, detecting needs and defining the application of solutions. We carry out technological development from start to finish and support the creation of valuable technological solutions.

Step 1


We analyze the starting point of your current situation. We locate needs, determine objectives and plan solutions. We create a final report guide as a project roadmap.

Step 2


We design projects by providing solutions from the perspective of the objectives to be achieved, the optimization of resources and business needs.

Step 3


Technological development under continuous integration in an agile environment by engineers fully committed to the project and its ideas.

Step 4


Test & Quality process that guarantees that the project meets the planned objectives as an efficient and quality solution.

Step 5


The start of a long relationship. We are here, by your side, to find the best solution, to adapt to changes and optimize the developed project.

Serving Top Industires

Our well curated Portfolio

a fully immersive, Play-To-Earn game Ecosystem


Xara City is a Blockchain Ecosystem; consisting of NFTs, a Staking Platform, In-Game Token, Play-To-Earn Game, Metaverse and NFT Marketplace with an Exchange Tool. Here a Real Estate themed NFT's can be purchased, thereby rewarding the Xara City Real Estate Owner with XARA when their NFTs are staked and upgraded to virtual apartments which they can also later rent out to earn more XARA from potential tenants.


Multichain IDO and INO Launchpad


Corestarter is a multichain IDO and INO Launchpad with NFT Launchpad built on Solana with high yield staking. CoreStarter includes the interoperability of Solana and other blockchains like Binance, Ethereum, Matic, Cardano, etc.



Invokers NFT

Invokers is a DeFi ecosystem with NFTs, game tokens and MMORPG game. Users can earn Invokers tokens passively by utilizing tokens in leveraged Pools & Farms of Single-Staking on Solana blockchain.


A Pixel art MMORPG game


Glyph-Bound is a monster-catching MMORPG inspired by Pokemon. Users can TRACK, TRAIN, & TRADE elemental spirits called "Kami" with the help of staking and breeding system developed on the solana blockchain.


DeFi Ecosystem

Solster Finance

Solster is a DeFi platform for fundraising which is built on the Solana blockchain with guaranteed token allocation to participants. Solster ecosystem incorporate decentralized exchange (DEX) for crypto trading, token swap, token staking and lottery platform.


Enabled city based analytics by developing

Smart City Platform

Smart city platform where the community can engage with civic or government authorities as well as private institutions resulting in good governance, promotion of personal and community safety and security, promotion of tourism and local businesses, and improving the quality of life as well as quality of services.

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Reduced delivery time by 30% through

Runur - Your doorstep delivery

Runur is a drop shipper's platform which will disrupt the local freight services by leveraging power of the crowd sourcing. The system is capable of managing the third party vendors individually and also via third party APIs.

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Increased engagement by 80% for gym owner

RockYourBody - Your personal trainer

The COVID-19 crisis destroyed the fitness market. This application bring together the nutritionist and trainers on a platform, where user can get consultation, diet charts & recipes, and different types of videos depending on the body of the user.

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Online learning app

Merit Smart

We developed an app for MeritSmart to enable the students to download the videos when they have the internet connection and learn on their own pace when they wanted. We used technology not only to reach everyone but also to re-design and re-invent the learning methodologies.

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Track & manage customer operation with

MealPrep - SAAS Application

An end-to-end business management tool for the business owners to track their menu, ingredients of the meal according to customer preferences, and delivering the meals as per the schedule.

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Identity Management with blockchain


FileIdentifier creates a "digital fingerprint" of the file and stores it on the Blockchain, sufficient to guarantee, as for the digital impression of a human body, the integrity of the whole document, allowing independent validations of their authenticity and immutability over time, ensuring also maximum privacy.

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The FewerClicks team love challenges. We have extensive experience and ability to respond to any challenge, involved with results and committed to the client. The success of our projects is key, not as an objective but as a result of doing our job well.

Thanks to the FewerClicks team for completing Corestarter ontime. It's been delivered according to our specification. Thanks to the Team always available to respond. Now I look forward to the support services. We appreciated the help, we will definitely work with your team in the future for specific project.

Jay Wilson

How refreshing to find a contractor who actually delivers on their promises. The POC that was requested was not only delivered in a timely manner, but it was exactly what I was looking for, at a reasonable price. FC complied with all my various requests, and was transparent along the way. I look forward to working together again!

Drew Cohen

I have been working with FewerClicks team on several different projects over the past few months, they are highly motivated team with a serious work ethic. I am impressed with the way they handles high pressure situations and the way they manages and motivates the team. I do look forward to continuing working with the team on several future projects.

Maria Fatima

I can definitely say that their works lived up to my expectations with regards to timeliness and quality. They are constantly responsive and follows up to make sure the projects are completed on time. They understands that business relationships are more than just delivering the requirement, as they makes sure to build trust and empathy in their dealing while being completely professional.

Abdul Rahimi

FewerClicks team have given tenacious attention to providing a superior result and are always open to discussing suggestions. I am happy with the decision that I made to allow the team to work on my site. If you are looking for any web-based services or solutions, please look into what they is providing. You will not be disappointed.

Harold Rose

They are very professional and dedicated to their work. Unique approach they have includes human values combined with instant problem solving attitude. That makes them highly reliable partner and team who will get the project going, give realistic feedback and deliver all instances of the project by agreed timetable.

Mirko Kikovic

FewerClicks came in very handy when we were going through some transitions at web development, this team stepped in to help us on some key projects. We really appreciated their personal follow through with me as the client. I would recommend them if you are looking for a team to help with your backend web development needs.

Ryan Scott

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