How to launch an app like Tinder: Things to know and costs

More and more people are connecting online with apps like Tinder to find a life partner. That is why dating apps, chats, and websites have become extremely popular these days. If you are creating a Tinder clone app, you should be familiar with some basic rules.

Things to know to make your application similar to Tinder?

Even though Tinder’s functionality may seem very simple at first glance, it hides quite complex algorithms invisible to users. Consider the following quirks before creating an app like Tinder:

  • Users can only see one person at a time, but there are thousands of users swiping left and right simultaneously.
  • Each user (or at least particular user groups) sees people in a different order. It means that the developer’s task is to structure the profiles into different groups.
  • A specific algorithm must be in charge to define who and when to show to create a match.

At FewerClicks we are specialists in this type of development similar to Tinder, the logic described above should be implemented on the server-side of the application. The back-end can be done with the help of Java, .NET, Laravel, or other server-side technologies.
It’s a good idea to ask specialists to help you with the technology stack for developing Tinder app clones.

tinder app match algorithm

How much does it cost for a dating app like Tinder?

For starters, let’s consider why Tinder is famous. Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps ever. For the past few years, this app has been on everyone’s phone due to its revolutionary swipe right (I like) and swipe left (I don’t like it) feature.
Mobile dating apps like Tinder make online dating easier than ever. People no longer need to go out, spend money on cafes, and feel shy when they get to know someone in real life.
Tinder has his secret weapon: a game spirit. The app destroys the stigma of online dating through gamification. People love to slip and find someone to date at the same time, which is why it has become so popular. Take a look at the modules to deliver the functionality.

  • Authorization – 22 hours
  • GPS location – 7 hours
  • Settings – 60 hours
  • User profile – 85 hours
  • Matching functionality – 90 hours
  • Notifications – 25 hours
  • Communication – 125 hours
  • 3rd party services integration – 30 hours

However, due to customized demands, the time of development cannot be determined. Keep in mind, the cost of the project includes

  • project management cost
  • design cost
  • demo and release to production cost
  • addon cost of infrastructure

Tinder’s Game-Changing Story

Pairing is as old as the world, but online dating has already been here for a while. 10 years ago, it was mainly seen as the last resort: only desperate people search for love online.
Everything has changed now. Most people now agree that it is a good way to meet people. So what happened during these years to cause the change in our habits and beliefs?
First, mobile phones became ubiquitous. Then came the iconic hit.
Of all the existing online dating platforms and mobile apps, only Tinder has made a breakthrough by engaging people who were once skeptical of online dating. Thanks to Tinder’s huge popularity, 69% of online users now only use one mobile app.
Tinder is a location-based dating app released in October 2012. In less than a year, it went from being a game for a few hundred Los Angeles party kids to a multinational phenomenon.
The app attributes its popularity to the innovative sliding technique and elegant design. It is already estimated that it has 50 million users with 1.4 billion hits per day.


Tinder app success secrets

While his competitors are still brainstorming over a secret formula for online romance, Tinder has invented the entire love potion. I wonder what the ingredients are?

Simplicity and Familiarity

The app combines the familiar format of other dating and dating apps and groups them into one convenient hybrid app. The sordid appeal of rating profiles made popular by Hot-or-Not and the excitement of apps like Grindr that allow people to browse photos of close people who are eager to get together – make the Tinder app intuitive and easy to use while waiting online or partying with friends. Effortless setup via Facebook is equally attractive.

Ingenious UX formula

Slide, get a partner, flirt, and date. Mutual interest is a great starting point. No more nasty quizzes thanks to accessing your Facebook profile. The application extracts and classifies the data, then you choose.
Swiping right and left is as attractive as playing a slot machine. Going through tons of pretty faces is soothing and relaxing. Appearances can be deceptive, but that’s the way we’ve done it for centuries.
Most importantly, the app addresses today’s human anxieties, such as fear of rejection, and discourages creepy spammers with the dual-subscription feature.

Proximity function: for spontaneous encounters

Set an appointment when you are in the mood. While other digital dating solutions strive to compete with each other with compatibility algorithm claims and secret love formulas, the only promise Tinder makes is to show other users in their immediate vicinity.

Client Development Strategy

Tinder’s effective client development strategy, choosing Los Angeles college students to be the first to adopt and get them to spread the word and act as role models, brought the much-needed audience from the start.
The cozy gamified experience transformed them into loyal customers. The following factors collectively contributed to the stable growth of the business:

  • Ease of customer acquisition
  • Creating a trend
  • More socially acceptable than other ‘connect’ apps
  • Adherence due to smart and timely product extensions and monetization programs
  • Efficient promotion campaign

Reasons to create a dating app like Tinder

  • User behavior has gravitated toward online partner search, making dating apps part of this search.
  • A dating app can be a gold mine as long as it’s successful: Tinder is now worth billions.
  • YOU know the ingredients of Tinder’s success, which many others are still trying to discover.
  • The cost of mobile app development has never been so affordable.

Final Thoughts

To create a Tinder-like app and you need to decide its set of features. It’s impossible to estimate the time to build an application without knowing it’s functionality in detail.