Why do you need a custom eCommerce store?

In the world of e-commerce, uniqueness rules over others. The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly as everyone wants to open an online store to sell unique products. Even teenagers also show interest in creating an online store. Among the many fields, fashion products and accessories find a great deal. But, the competition is strict. You will get a new business every day promoting your online stores. Therefore, a customization option is a required feature if you want your store to look different. It not only adds a unique look but also gives your store essential custom functions for your consumers.

There are many eCommerce platforms that allow you to build an online store quickly, including BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. These platforms have their share of advantages and disadvantages. But, BigCommerce is doing well when it comes to offering a custom store to customers. These stores offer a great benefit to attract the attention of their consumers. The following factors describe why you need a custom eCommerce website.

Customize your products according to interest:

Its e-store objective is to satisfy the demands of its consumers. This can only be served by a custom online store. If you have a fashion dress store, you need some custom filter options like sizes, colors, and fonts to help shoppers. If you copy a template, it will not meet all your requirements. Since the variables are different, you need some special characteristics to mention them. Remember that a well-structured store serves people in the best way and manages to retain the interest of consumers.

Shop for your unique shipping option:

These days, most business stores offer a variety of products that need different shipping options. Your consumers will be delighted to get their favorite names for their order shipments. Only a consciously designed single store will offer such benefits. You can choose the BigCommerce platform to design a store that can be easily changed based on your requirements.

A customized eStore for multiple vendors:

You may be working with multiple vendors and they all have different requirements. Therefore, the custom options help them to use the best way to ship their products. When you have a lot of vendors, your profit target goes up too. If the services are satisfactory to your partners, success will be easier.

A store that offers promotional codes and discounts:

Discounts and promo codes attract more audiences. With a custom eCommerce store, you can plan unique promo codes at checkout. In the e-commerce industry, this move has been recognized as an attractive move. When you design a custom store, you can generate as many discounts as your business needs.

Integrate your store with backend software support:

Background software is required to perform many functions. Integrate the software with the store and easily do some complex jobs. You may need software support to track your order. Therefore, always go for a customizable store that allows you to use the features of your demands.

Different needs of your customers:

Consumer requirements are different. While some want an easy purchase, some love visiting an organized store with products in the right place. Since people make a purchase decision after multiple visits, you must prioritize your wishes.

You need different credit card processors:

The predefined themes don’t always process all credit cards. It can disappoint your buyers and can be a reason to leave your pages without any action. Add different credit card processors so you can make your customers happy.

Security concerns:

You have to make your store safe if you want more and more consumers. When it comes to eCommerce, the security issue is of great importance. You must take strict measures to protect confidential consumer data and payment card details. When you go for a custom eCommerce store, your store will be boosted with the necessary details.

Inventory management is important:

Inventory management is a primary concern for all e-commerce businesses. When you have a good amount of stock, your company will do well too. To maintain this critical concern, you need to connect vendors to the inventory management system. When your product inventory is running low, the system will generate the order and send it to the sellers automatically.

Any eCommerce solution gives you an easy to customize option to help your shoppers find and purchase products quickly. Visitors can use a filter option to order products and features an easy-to-use catalog for shoppers.

It is important to have a custom store for you. It helps you with better exposure and a better profit option. Choose your platform, on which you want to build your store.

Multi channel Ecoomerce Integrated platform

How to choose the best Multi-Channel eCommerce Integration Software?

There are enormous ways that an organization can succeed or fail with its decisions. And making an appropriate decision could be a really hard job. Enterprise progress through their decisions in perfect corners.

With the help of Multi-Channel eCommerce integration Software, an enterprise can gain cost-effectivity that in turn would enhance efficiencies. There are innumerable eCommerce Integration Software available and selecting the best amongst them that suits your need and function could be a really toilsome job. 

There are of course some eminent contemplations that are to be kept in mind while framing a strategy to choose the best eCommerce integration software. It takes time to get up and run for the best and before that you need to analyze what exactly is your business demand.

You must know:

  • What factors will most affect the transformation of services?
  • Time, money, and decision-makers.
  • Navigating features and must-have features that your software should mandatory have.
  • Who are the best service providers and why?
  • After implementation, how much are you ready?

1.    Say no to isolation and yes to integration

About 91% of merchants tend to have a greater retention rate of customers who adopt to Omnichannel strategies than others who don’t.


There is no doubt data handling could be the biggest challenge for any Ecommerce business. The time it consumes also hinders the prospect of growth of any business. While interpreting a multi-channel eCommerce solution, the operator should decide if the solution matches to their functions and profit them. 

With this decision to shift and selecting the best multi-channel eCommerce platform, it is vital to understand that the isolated data and systems are hard to manage and that their coalition could be very time-consuming.

It is advisable that they should select the model that enables them to attain benefits faster and effectively. By uniting all the channels to a single integrated solution, it could really help them in changing their prospect of working to augmenting.

  • Engaging Multiple Departments

It is very crucial to make a family of departments while reaching any particular choice of multi-channel eCommerce integration software. You need to engage every department like sales, marketing, IT, top managerial board, logistics, and even transportation to make an informed and planned decision.

Before selecting or reaching any multi-channel eCommerce solution it is important to note if the one you are going to select matches to your yardstick. There are different demands at every department like the top management would be conscious about the budget and funding; inventory holder needs to know how it would work for the inventory and so on.

Beyond this, there could be a larger problem though. You never know how it’s going to behave in the real working mirror. It is advisable if you take enough time initially than to regret it later.

3.    Mandatory features 

There are some mandatory features that only the merchant could understand. When it comes to stock handling it becomes really difficult to track what exact quantity of a particular product has been sold out and how much of a particular product is required to be restored. 

To manage products an SKU (stock keeping units) are generated that are handled manually which is a hideous job and also invites mistakes. Great functional infrastructure is required to handle this problem of duplicate SKU’s.

It is advisable to look for the channels that work automatically and update the inventory information like its allocation, removing inventory, selling, restoring and much more.

4. Choose among Web-based software or personalized in house software


Another important decision that is to be considered is whether to choose Web-based software or in house personalised software.

Web-based software can also be called readymade software that is more economic because it doesn’t require any developers to operate and handle it. Rather, they are subscription-based. They are designed with the latest technologies and services and can be planted in less time. Whereas, on the other hand, tailor-made software is quite high in price and demands time.

Looking at this sizeable difference between the two, the spotlight has shifted from customised in house software to web-based software.

4.    Stipulating seller

After taking the required decisions regarding the multi-channel eCommerce integration software, the ultimate decision is regarding who will be your final stipulated seller. This is the most important decision to select the absolute best vendor for your enterprise.

How to select the best vendor:

  • Past works and performance.
  • Customer reviews
  • Rate of growth
  • How much futuristic are they?
  • Post-implementation services.

It is advisable to understand the whole pre and post-implementation process to gain higher productivity and ensuring growth.


There are some important things of consideration that should be kept in mind while sinking money into multi-channel eCommerce software.

  • Make a family of departments and closely understand the demand and effort requirement from each department whether it is finance, marketing, logistics, sales, or IT.
  • Proper development, testing, and maintenance
  • Incorporating the latest technology

It is a thought that triggers the mind of merchants that while selling through different channels and not having a common platform as an ultimate solution, it becomes really difficult to handle big data related to stock, shipping, customers, products, orders, and much more.

With the help of multi-channel eCommerce integration services, it becomes really easy and effective to handle data with supreme clarity.

It helps in managing all the departments and their premise like:

  • Managing orders- keeping track of orders and inventory control throughout the process. It also enables an automatic update of data related to orders, their sales, and replacement.
  • Managing stock- multi-channel eCommerce integration solution enables in managing stock automatically. Updating stock and SKU management are some common tasks of it.
  • Managing accounts- it helps in managing accounts and provides clear details about cost, revenue, incomes and other monetary setups such as fees, taxes, and others.
  • It helps in analysing the growth of an enterprise and creates a vision for the future.

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