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FewerClicks has progressed to deliver the most enticing mobile app development services enabling clients to boost the ROI of their respective businesses on the result pages. A detailed list of the professional team and services is explained below.


Company Introduction

Working in the IT area for more than a decade, FewerClicks is a website development, mobile app, and website designing firm delivering award-winning solutions to industries. By adapting great technologies for businesses, the firm can provide cost-effective and result-driven solutions by focusing only on the clients’ business growth.

Since its inception, FewerClicks has delivered 380+ successful projects, and for their excellent work, they have received 14+ successful awards. Being a professional firm, they have satisfied 160+ clients and offered services in more than 33 countries.

FewerClicks is committed to delivering high-quality services by combining knowledge and professionalism. FewerClicks supports clients in every step of their project by streamlining businesses. Additionally, they also provide services to NGOs and non-profit without charging them for any profits. Along with all these, FewerClicks dedicatedly follows its six core values: customer experience, innovative thinking, enthusiastic team, creative developers, punctual delivery, and incredible support. These factors make them among the most trusted firms across different countries.


GoodFirms Research Process

GoodFirms is an online and popular research and review platform that connects service seekers and service providers on the same platform. Numerous companies are registered under various categories after being evaluated and examined by the veteran GoodFirms’ research team.

The research team evaluates these companies on Quality, Reliability, and Ability parameters to rank them on the GoodFirms website. These rankings play an essential role in guiding the service seekers to hire a reliable firm.

In the same parameters, the GoodFirms team evaluated FewerClicks and found that they are delivering incredible services.


Mobile App Development

FewerClicks helps brands to establish themselves in the market by developing and delivering mobile apps for them. The professional team builds native and hybrid mobile apps that fit perfectly with the clients’ business needs. The firm seamlessly delivers the best services by uncovering great ideas and opportunities in the mobile app field.

The app development process by FewerClicks is done in two different stages. The first stage includes the wireframes, prototype, and design process, followed by the second stage that involves development, test, and deployment.

By following these approaches and practices with dedication, they have developed various mobile apps laced with perfection. Moreover, by taking advantage of the latest technology, tools, and frameworks, the firm has delivered excellent mobile apps. Therefore, prioritizing clients’ business objectives and delivering exceptional mobile applications would soon make FewerClicks rank as one of the top mobile app development companies in India at GoodFirms.


Web Development

The website team at FewerClicks works with new methodologies and processes to create enticing websites that personify their identity in the market. With proven years of experience and expertise, the firm works to offer personalized solutions for individual clients.

Moreover, the engineered team is flexible in their approach to work and transforms ideas that accelerate clients’ business and reach their goals. All the projects that FewerClicks takes up are done with a complete proof strategy and process and by understanding each factor minutely. The process consists of strategy, design & development, quality control, and support & maintenance.

FewerClicks applies all possibilities in their work because the team members have excessive knowledge of what can work in their favor. Plus, the final project delivery of projects is done only after thorough testing. Hence, for providing such a professional service, FewerClicks would soon rank as one of the top web development companies in Texas at GoodFirms.


Website Designing

When it comes to delivering designing services, the FewerClicks team consists of talented and dynamic professionals who work with knowledge and expertise to create innovative designs. By leveraging their knowledge in this area FewerClicks team assists clients in achieving business objectives through various means.

To create enticing designs, every process adopted by the FewerClicks team is unquestionably unique. By doing so, they improve the clients’ business reach on the broader market. The team here works on every parameter, whether gathering information or creating a prototype for design, which gives them a clear idea of how to proceed further.

Jasmyn Wright gave a 5-star rating to FewerClicks for their valuable service in website designing.

Furthermore, the experts here are highly talented and professional in their work to swiftly manage various tasks at one time. With a single-minded focus, the team works for multiple industries creating responsive and attractive designs that give clients a unique market identity. Thus, for ensuring clients’ growth in every way possible, FewerClicks gets ranked as one of the top web design companies at GoodFirms.


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About the Author

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In the upcoming time, blockchain will be going to turn the whole system in a better way. It has more uses than cryptocurrency. Let’s discuss practical use cases of blockchain in India other than Bitcoin.

EDUCATION SYSTEM – In India, blockchain’s biggest user is the education system where people

forge Mark sheets for submitting them to places. So much so that people can’t even believe that the person studied in IIM.

If someone asked them to prove it, they might not have any proof apart from their certificate.

They have no other proof that they can attach. So it can be used there reliably,

and people are working on it as well. So it means all these students

can upload their mark sheet and certificates online, and they cannot be changed or tempered. This is the biggest benefit of blockchain.

let’s take an example of a CBSE board or all the boards. The boards can directly use blockchain to upload the mark sheet so that if any corrupt person gets into the board and want to change the mark sheets but doing it through blockchain means that it can never be changed and if someone changes it, you will get the details.


What will happen when a person tries to alter the data in the blockchain? How can the system prevent it from happening? Let’s take the example of a Bitcoin blockchain. Suppose rupees 50 is to be transferred from A to B.

A new blog will be created with a and B’s public addresses. In each block as public address and B’s public address and the amount to be transferred are written. Now the computers on the network will record this they will record that an initiated around so to be in the amount transferred and then they verify that transaction, but if one of the computers says that the transfer is not from A to B. Instead, it is saying that we are transferring from A to me but the computers on the decentralized network recording the transaction. They will refuse a claim because they can see that the transfer is between A and B. This is why the system will listen to the other computers and allow the transaction from A to B. If one wants to alter or do fraud in blockchain, one would need the majority of at least 51% . The larger the blockchain and the more computers and people can enter the network. It will increasingly difficult to hack the blockchain.


Talking about the more examples where blockchain is implemented into real life. The most shocking interesting fact it has already been used for elections. There is a country in Africa, Sierra Leone. They are blockchains that were used during the election for voting


Another use case of blockchain is the healthcare sector. Blockchain can be used to store medical data. So that the medical record of the patient is not stored in the database in a centralized way. Doctors cannot assess them unless there is a need patients will be more privacy and the data will be more easily accessible.


It can be used for trading as well. There is a platform called v trade that is being used by many people. Whenever you order something from somewhere and you don’t know much about the supplier and how real reliable they are.

You are unsure if they will be able to deliver the goods or not And the supplier doesn’t know much about you either. If you can pay on time or not. Here blockchain is used to enter into smart contracts, contracts that are based on blockchains. Because of these contracts, you wouldn’t need to trust any third party. Once the goods are delivered, money from your bank account will be transferred to the supplier. Similarly, property management crowdfunding and the management of government data can be done efficiently by using blockchains

Cross-Border Payments

Traditionally, the transfer of value has been both expensive and slow, and especially for payments taking place across international borders. One reason for this is that, when multiple currencies are involved, the transfer process typically requires the participation of multiple banks in multiple locations before the intended recipient can actually collect his or her money. There are existing services to help facilitate this process in a faster way, but these tend to be quite expensive.

Blockchain technology has the potential to provide a much faster and cheaper alternative to traditional cross-border payments methods. Indeed, while typical money remittance costs might be as high as 20% of the transfer amount, blockchain may allow for costs just a fraction of that, as well as guaranteed and real-time transaction processing speeds. There are hurdles to be passed, including regulation of cryptocurrencies in different parts of the world and security concerns. Nonetheless, this is one of the most promising and talked about areas of blockchain technology application.


Nowadays the government stores so much of our data on its servers. Where they fail, to keep it protected. Often we get to hear that government databases are hacked. But if blockchain is used, data will be not hacked because we will not have to trust the government to protect it. In a decentralized network, all of us can verify each other. We can make it our work.


In the upcoming time, we are moving towards a decentralized network. It means there are many websites and applications our application on a cloud-based platform.

Soon it will move to blockchains. In the next 10 to 15 years, The same application that you use whether it is social media, censorship, or copyright issue or streaming platform, or any other platform that you Can name, all those companies will have to use blockchains. Because the user today trusts and belief in the companies that are transparent with their work, not those who hide from the public and modify their processes.

For this reason, some people believe that blockchain can revolutionize the world. Like how Internet has changed the industry. Now, we can’t even imagine life without the internet. Similarly, we can’t imagine a life without blockchain in the upcoming time.

JobWapsi - FewerClicks

FewerClicks launches program “JobWapsi” for women to resume their career

On this International Women’s Day, FewerClicks is launching a program “JobWapsi”, an opportunity for women to resume their careers in the field of IT. The program empowers women who are on a career break and want to resume their journey. The program offers the flexibility to work as remote & also in their respective time slots for part-time opportunities.

A large number of women in India drop out of the corporate workforce to raise children, care for elderly family members, and other reasons. If they want to return to work after being away for years, they often face rejection from recruiters who look down on their gap years.

To change this situation, this program evades the gap check process & gives an opportunity to step back into the corporate space.

The program is divided into initiatives:
1. Women who code
2. Women in business

Women who code

In this initiative, we are looking for women with a development background who can write code & have a basic understanding of programming languages.

Women in business

This initiative is for women who can work on a part-time/full-time basis in various sales/business development roles.

The program facilitates a training & grooming module for all aspects of the business/professional growth of the candidate.

Below are the open job opportunities available under this program:
1. Business Developer
2. Business Analyst
3. Mobile Developer – Flutter
4. Mobile Developer – React Native
5. .NET Developer
6. JAVA Developer
7. ReactJS Developer
8. NodeJS Developer
9. Laravel Developer
10. UI/UX Designer

Please send your resume to hello@fewerclicks.in to get started.

About FewerClicks

FewerClicks is an award-winning, end-end IT solutions & product development company. We support modern age entrepreneurs & businesses for digital warfare by creating digital solutions and products tailored for the next generation. we focus on its applications to successfully achieve your goals, as well as helping the technological adaptation of your business.

We have strong technical expertise in building highly scalable products on multiple cloud service providers in IoT, blockchain, mobility, machine learning, and open-source technologies in logistics, security, tourism, education, healthcare, retail.

Ecommerce integration with Quickbooks

Ecommerce integration with Quickbooks: a complete guide

The world of online retail business is seeing major changes every new day today and your eCommerce automation software could be fuel to it. You might have felt the challenge to make a systematic solution for the data that is huge and cannot be organized perfectly manually.

A deepening workload of data makes any mind go crazy. Despite having a growth in your business you cannot take any rest out of your back desk jobs. Your race is endless, where you need to update your inventory, meet orders, payments, making invoices, and so on.

QuickBooks eCommerce integration can save your time to a great extend. It can save you from errors, confusion, hard job data entry manually, and tracking down inventory information. With this integration, you can be accurate, effective, and relaxed. What an awesome deal it is!

Today, in this blog we shall discuss the perks of having QuickBooks eCommerce integration and also the best solution about the same with Fewer Clicks. Let’s get started!

What is the basic understanding of QuickBooks?

QuickBooks are basically online accounting software that is contrived to give relaxed accounting services to businesses and handling their finances. QuickBooks has emerged as a tycoon in the business world where it is famous for its easy policies and incredible accounting services. Its pricing plans are very flexible which is suitable for all kinds of businesses.

QuickBooks comes with an improbable suitcase of features and some of its features are:

  • Keeping inventory records.
  • Creating an invoice.
  • Taking care of payrolls and other payments.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Tracking sales and other expenses.
  • Recording and updating user information.
  • Updating other information related to sales, inventory and payments.

How QuickBooks integration with your eCommerce platform profits you?

Well, this is no lie that a man who makes a profit is not just intelligent to deal with customers but he is also intelligent in picking up packages that reduce his workload. He believes his time and peace is also money. 

Quickbooks Integration for business

To increase the efficiency in business and to save yourself from the deadliest job of handling data, QuickBooks for eCommerce business is the one-shot solution for you. QuickBooks has an amazing spectrum of apps that get integrated into it for better experience and performance. Some best QuickBooks apps are:

  • TSheets
  • InvoiceSherpa
  • Expensify
  • Futrli
  • Cin7
  • Insightly CRM
  • SOS Inventory, and many more.

It is quite understandable that entering data manually is a hard task and also time-consuming while, on the other hand, what if your data gets updated automatically? Yes, integration helps in putting end to enter data manually. 

Some quick benefits:

  • Handles data online automatically.
  • Error-proof data with great accuracy and efficiency.
  • Handles inventory, invoices, payrolls, update stock information.
  • Enhances user experience as it is error-proof, there are fewer chances of customers to feel bad experience and turnoff.
  • Keeps you ready with the updated data and inventory.
  • Reduces manual working.
  • Focuses not on one at a time but all at a time.

How can you keep your customers happy with eCommerce integration with QuickBooks?

Well, we have reached in the digital world where customers are the ultimate rulers. You need to believe that without them you cannot achieve your business goals. Hence, it is supremely crucial to keep track of the customer’s experience of your business.

There are lots of chances of error that might happen due to lack of time, complex business activities, and unaudited information about the customers or inventory. Today, in this fast-moving and challenging race to make an incredible tattoo on the minds of customers, you need to be really competitive and fast and this could be done only if you integrate. Without eCommerce automation software it is not at all possible to gain customers and grow your online business.

Retailers need to understand the competition has not just got restricted to price and quality but it is also now the game about customer experience and satisfaction. With eCommerce automation software you can enhance the overall purchasing experience of your customers.

  • About 55% of customer says they would prefer to change the brand if they are not given user satisfaction.
  • About 65% of customers accept mobile phones provide them with extra satisfaction to keep intact themselves to the brand that enables them to operate and place orders through mobile phones.

How to select the best eCommerce QuickBooks Integration ultimate solution?

Image result for quickbooks ecommerce integration

After having understood the importance and getting right with both the systems your next job is to search for the right platform solutions that integrate both of them. 

Opt for the complete solution and don’t rely on the partials as they are cheap but less productive. In the contemporary fast-moving digital world search for the vigorous management system that would proffer you with better advantages and dynamic portfolios that would enhance the overall business circle.

Before selecting the best eCommerce QuickBooks integration solution think on these points:

  • Update your inventory data automatically.
  • Keep track of your sales, inventory, and invoices.
  • Generate the purchase order automatically.
  • Getting centralized functioning of inventory.
  • Tracking order status.

Different eCommerce platforms that integrate with QuickBooks

1. Shopify

It’s a great solution for all types of business whether it is small or large, just new in the market or old managing ways to spread more. It has its own pricing styles depending mostly on your sales turnover.

It offers great customization features where you can have your own theme to display, design logos, and much more. It is highly flexible with how you want to sell. The system is designed that stresses having centralized data entry, and doesn’t care about where you are selling. It is flexible with the payments also you can either choose the inbuilt Shopify payment mode or third party payment mode.

2. BigCommerce

It is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. It offers amazing customization features that not only enhance customer experience but also enhances the sellers’ experience. This is quite easy and does not require much coding experience.

Like the name itself, it favors a big way to sell through any online store like Amazon, Snapdeal, and eBay making the experience really pliable. You can opt for any payment mode without having to pay any extra transaction cost from its side.

3. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an amazing WordPress plugin, an eCommerce platform that offers immensely happening customization featured and flexible payment gateways. It is open-ended, so you can easily modify according to your wish.

If you have a WordPress and if you know about its plugins this could be a great move for you and if you don’t operate WordPress you first need to install WordPress and secure a domain name.

There are other alternatives available as well; you can also look for Magento, Volusion for integration.

We know what exactly it means to be systematic and how it helps a business to grow immensely. If you looking for a perfect solution, we could be your perfect start. Think about Bindboxes and we a just a click away.